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Lawn sprinklers are devices used to irrigate lawns and landscaped areas, especially during periods of low rainfall.  Lawn irrigation may be accomplished with a portable lawn sprinkler or a permanently installed underground sprinkler system.  You can find either type of lawn sprinkler at eBay or at local home centers and hardware stores.

Portable Lawn Sprinklers

There are several types of portable sprinklers, and each type is best suited to certain lawn shapes and landscape configurations.  The simplest type is the sprinkler hose, which is suitable for long, narrow areas.  The sprinkler hose contains tiny holes along its top side that emit a fine, soaking mist.  The other four lawn sprinkler variations are attached to garden hoses:

lawn sprinkler

  • A turret sprinkler consists of multiple sprinkler heads that spray circular or rectangular patterns of varying widths and lengths.
  • An oscillating sprinkler features an oscillating spray bar that evenly douses a rectangular area.  The spray bar can be set to water both sides of the sprinkler or either side of the sprinkler.
  • A pulsating sprinkler sprays water in a circular pattern with an adjustable arc of coverage.
  • A traveling sprinkler waters a long, rectangular area, using its hose to guide and track its direction of travel.

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underground sprinkler head Although mechanical and electronic timers are available to control the watering cycles of these portable sprinklers, many homeowners prefer the convenience of an automated lawn sprinkler system.  Underground sprinkler systems, which consist of a timing unit plus a network of water pipes and sprinkler heads buried in the ground, are becoming more popular in many areas.  The automated timer opens and closes water valves at preset times.  When the valves open, water pressure in the system causes sprinkler heads to pop up above the ground and spray water on the lawn in overlapping coverage areas.  When the valves close, the sprinkler heads drop down level with the lawn surface.  In climates where ground temperatures drop below freezing, the water pipes must be drained to prevent them from icing and bursting.

Several types of sprinkler heads are used to ensure adequate irrigation of the lawn and adjacent landscape areas.  Spray heads send a steady shower over a small area.  Impulse heads shoot water jets from a rotating nozzle over a larger area.  Both types come in plastic or more expensive brass versions, and both types are also available in special purpose standing heads that do not "pop up" but are situated above ground, next to a foundation or at the edge of a yard, for instance.

lawn sprinkler
Oscillating Lawn Sprinkler

Lawn Sprinkler Manufacturers

  • Nelson Lawn Sprinklers
    Offers lawn sprinklers, irrigation, and landscape products for home, lawn, and garden.
  • Hunter Lawn Sprinklers
    Features a full line of irrigation products for turf, landscape, and golf courses.
  • Toro Irrigation
    Lawn sprinklers and irrigation equipment for residential, commercial, and golf applications.
  • Rain Bird
    Supplier of commercial, residential, golf, agricultural, and drip irrigation systems.
  • Gilmour Gardening Innovation
    Manufactures a wide range of watering tools for lawns and gardens.
  • Melnor
    Virginia-based producer of lawn and garden watering products.
  • Mister Landscaper
    Find microsprinkler and drip irrigation kits, fittings, and tubing.
  • Dramm - RainWand
    Dramm's sprinkler line includes water timers as well as portable oscillating sprinklers, turret sprinklers, impulse sprinklers, and whirling sprinklers.

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