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landscape irrigation system - watering a lawn The difference between a beautiful garden and landscape and a dry, burnt-out garden and landscape often depends upon how much water your landscape gets on a regular basis.  While no one can control the amount of rain that falls from the sky, a good irrigation system can help gardeners control how much water their landscapes receive.

New irrigation technology means that no matter what your unique needs, there is a watering system that can be easily installed to suit you.  Not only are irrigation systems more efficient than other watering systems, they also save you lots of time and are easy to maintain.  Irrigation systems can also increase the value of a homeowner's home by 5 to 10 percent.

The best thing about automatic irrigation systems is that they supply plants with the correct amount of water before the soil dries out, making them healthier and more productive.  Most irrigation systems are designed to keep your lawn and garden evenly moist during the growing season.  This irrigation system article from the North and South Rivers Watershed Association highlights ten ways to increase the efficiency of an irrigation system.

landscape watering system Irrigation systems are built in sections, or zones.  Each zone is set up so that the plants in that zone require the same amount of water.  This allows the perfect amount of water to be applied at just the right times, which not only is great for your plants but minimizes water waste as well.

Today's modern irrigation systems are automated and computer-based, and have timers and adjustments that tell the system when and how much to water each zone.  Irrigation sprinklers can be rotor sprinklers for covering large areas, spray head sprinklers for covering the ground, and bubbler sprinklers for watering individual trees.  Drip irrigation, in which water is dripped through supply tubes to the base of plants at a steady rate, is another type of irrigation system used by homeowners.

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